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When it comes to roofing Mixed Property Solutions comes equipped with a plethora of solutions for any problem, big or small. We're fully prepared for any situation whether it be to fix that problematic leak you've had all season or assist you through the lengthy process of filing a homeowners claim due to storm damage and earning you a full roof replacement paid for by your carrier! No matter the reason, give us a call and let us come take a look. All estimates and inspections are 100% FREE with No obligation. 

Roofing done right

Regardless of who installs your roof there are always a few key things you want to make sure are done. Below we go over a few of the most important components of a new roof replacement.

Drip Edge – Drip Edge is a metal overhanging component with an outward projecting lower edge, intended to control the direction of dripping water and help protect underlying building components from ice damming and driving rains. Drip edge should be installed on all rakes of your roof and tucked UNDER your Ice and Water shield. While it is only required in the state of Virginia for Drip Edge to be installed on the rakes of your roof Mixed Property Solutions strongly recommends it be installed along the entire perimeter of your home. 

Ice and Water Shield – A self-adhering waterproofing underlayment that is used in roofing to help prevent damage caused by ice dams and wind driven rain. Per Virginia Code this should be applied 3 feet beyond any and all eaves, on any valleys, and around any chimneys, and skylights.

Starter Strip –  applied along the downslope eave line before the first course of roofing and intended to fill spaces between cut-out and joints of the first course. 

Roof Underlayment - Whether it be a 15lb, 30lb, or synthetic underlayment this will serve as a water-resistant or waterproof barrier material that is installed directly onto your roof deck. It is applied under all other roofing materials as an added layer of protection from severe weather. 

Shingles – Everyone knows what a shingle is but please allow one of our roofing experts to run you through the different types and exactly what each one has to offer for it's price point.

Ventilation Methods - There are several different ventilation methods, the most functional of them being an under the shingle style ridge vent. Allow one of our roofing experts to go over the different types of ventilation systems for your roof and see what best suits your needs.

Flashings - No matter the situation, flashings should ALWAYS be replaced when replacing your roof. Mixed Property Solutions will fully explain which types of  flashings will be installed and where on your home!


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